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I have been fortunate enough to have had Tom Munro as my financial adviser for seven tumultuous and deeply unnerving years in markets. Quite how he has put up with me is a mystery. He has sorted out my chaotic finances, put in place an outstanding SIPP, looked after my Individual Savings Accounts and chosen some excellent collective investments that have stood me in good stead. He has also been helpful in meeting my preference for investment trusts - not always well understood or popular with IFAs. This I really appreciate.

His care, professional service and attention to detail on paperwork has been superlative and I could not recommend Tom highly enough, either to someone starting out on savings, or mature investors needing advice on how to balance their pension investments through deeply turbulent times in markets. His knowledge, professionalism and delivery has been nothing less than five star.

Bill Jamieson,
Executive Editor
The Scotsman

When my previous IFA retired after having been my financial mentor for the better part of my working life, he suggested I should go to Tom Munro. Ten years later, Tom is still my IFA.

Time has shown he is easy to talk to, listens patiently to my occasional rants, and then usually comes up with a suitable investment package and explaining simply how this might fit the situation in hand. He is honest, searches around for the best option and has been known to suggest an option not in his own financial interest.

It is rare to find someone like Tom who is professional, knowledgeable, and who can talk your own language and advise on savings, banking, pensions and SIPPs, other nest-eggs, and has the ability to call in other fields where required.

Dr ISH Chew


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